NEVARIA starts with “Finally Free” into cosmic Female Fronted Symphonic Metal spheres

In the Bavarian city of Bayreuth, an extraordinary new Symphonic Metal formation has joined forces. Together the five musicians follow the path of untamed Metal guitar work in combination with dynamic drumming, a perceptibly powerful bass and graceful keyboard melodies which are completed by the vivid, brilliant vocals of front lady Tanja Schneider (ex-Dawn Of Destiny). NEVARIA make their vision of a catchy Female Fronted Symphonic Melodic Metal come true on their debut album “Finally Free”, which will be released on the 25th October 2019 through Dr. Music Records.
NEVARIA, consisting of vocalist Tanja Schneider, keyboard player Markus Spiethaler, guitarist Kim Wölfel, bassist Kevin Deese and drummer Alexander Dahlen, have gone through different musical careers and thereby they gained first experiences in the music business with European tours and support gigs with bands such as Xandria, Axxis, Sabaton etc. up to various CD releases.
The lyrics of “Finally Free” deal with death and loneliness, abuse, social interaction, illness, love and longing, each from the perspective of the person affected. The message of the texts should be ‘magical’ for the listener and have the intention that the listener can associate them with himself and his own stories.
True to this principle, the band has composed the eleven songs on “Finally Free” in a varied and intensive way and recorded the appropriate sound in the Soundwerkstatt Studio of keyboard player Markus Spiethaler. For the mix and mastering, André Hofmann (Nothgard, Wolfchant, New Hate Rising) of the Hofmann Studios was twisting the knobs.
The opener and first single “Life”, to be released on the 04th of October 2019, along with the lyric video by Very Metal Art video artist Andy Pilkington (Threshold, Saxon, Visionatica), is about life and people in all its facets and faces, whereas the powerful title track “Finally Free” sets the difficult phase of a necessary separation to music.
Thanks to the stylish artwork design of Jan Yrlund from Darkgrove Design (Battle Beast, Apocalyptica, Delain), NEVARIA do not only take the listeners visually into cosmic spheres with their album but also fascinate with the right mixture of Heavy Metal and fine melodies over which the voice of singer Tanja literally floats. In “Raise Your Fist” the musicians face the challenges of life because everybody has to struggle with their own demons. In “Drowning” Tanja processes the story about the emotional chaos of a friend with Borderline personality disorder. “No Mercy”, on the other hand, deals with superficial, dazzling and seductive aspects that distort reality. The song “Wind” refers to the sudden loss of a loved one depicting the dialogue between the afterlife and our world. The final “Anyway” is about a child’s view of parenting in conflict with their own unrestrained childhood.
NEVARIA enjoy and love their music and will enthrall the audience live with their passion for playing. Starting in October 2019 they will perform their songs live on stage. The first gigs are already booked and Female Fronted Symphonic Metal fans can look forward to exciting shows in Germany and abroad. With their first album “Finally Free” NEVARIA already have the right soundtrack ready.


Vocals - Tanja Schneider

Keyboard - Markus Spiethaler

Guitar - Kim Wölfel

Bass - Kevin Deese

Drums - Alexander Dahlen

2019.04.27 Nevaria (3 von 6).jpg

Markus Spiethaler


Comely keyboard melodies or impelling sounds! Ingenuity and verve in person.

2019.04.27 Nevaria (1 von 6).jpg

Tanja Schneider


Vivid, vibrant vocals and melodies that won't let you off. Tanja's voice makes the uniqueness of Nevaria.

2019.04.27 Nevaria (5 von 6).jpg

Kim Wölfel


Creativity and insanity at the guitar. With flying fingers and prankful grin. Be curious for Kim at Nevaria.

2019.04.27 Nevaria (6 von 6).jpg

Kevin Deese


Our man for the low-pitched sounds. Sometimes calm, sometimes playful he refines our songs with his instrument.

2019.04.27 Nevaria (4 von 6).jpg

Alexander Dahlen


Alex - the creative rhythm section of Nevaria. He is totally excited for the upcoming live shows!

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