Today we are proud to present our new music video
We are totally excited! Take a look!

Music Video "Finally Free"



First Live Pictures

Unbelievable! We are still deeply impressed by last night at Lost Souls. THANK YOU: to Tezaura and Dream Ocean who rocked the evening with us: you were awesome.

THANK YOU to Jürgen Emmert and his team from Sound & Ligth Emmert - you made every performance a highlight!

And of course a big THANK YOU to an incredible audience for so much fun together, in front of and on stage! Awesome!


Finally Free Out Now!

Finally - we are absolutely thrilled and really deeply moved: Our album will be released today!
Many thanks to all of you who made this possible with us and continue to make it possible! We are looking forward to a great journey together with all of you! You are awesome!

We are proud to present our new lyric video.

Come on board, Nevaria takes off.

New Lyric Video

Have a look behind the curtain...

Facts and personal words about the bandmembers


We want you to take part of this exciting day at Uzziel.

Here is our making of to our band foto's

Making Of

After a great fotoshoot at "Uzziel" we are happy about such awesome results!
We were totally overwhelmed by the creativity and the engagement Gregor Zimmermann and Gaby Stadler have shown when we worked together on these pictures.


Today we have another snippet of our upcoming album for you
… and there will be more!

Who wants to keep up with Nevaria can get all new informations at our YouTube page. With your "Abonnement" you are automatically subscribed and you’ll get all the new videos… stay tuned!

Finally Free Teaser

We are more than happy to announce that we will release our CD under the flag of Dr. Music Records. More infos are to come the next days! Stay tuned!

NEVARIA signs at Dr. Music Records


We are more than happy that we have André Hofmann with his studio to mix and master our new songs. We've been in the studio and we are totaly excited. The countdown is running - you can hear it soon...

Mix & Mastering

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