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Halle 32

Our call for peace and humanity!
AGAINST war, hatred and incitement! Join in the Battle Cry!

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Having stirred up the scene in 2019 with their debut album “Finally Free” released via Dr. Music Records, which also achieved international success, and acclaimed live shows, the extraordinary Melodic Metal formation NEVARIA from the Bavarian city of Bayreuth now, after the pandemic-induced break, announces their new single with “Reckless” for February 03, 2022. Now acting as a duo, the musicians Tanja Schneider (vocals) and Markus Spiethaler (keyboards) carry on their vision of catchy Female Fronted Melodic Metal and enlisted support for the recording from guitarist Kim Wölfel, who already played on the debut, as well as Daniel Unzner (Dislocated Theory; Ex-Profanity), who recorded the bass with nimble fingers. The young, untamed Metal guitar work in combination with dynamic drumming, a perceptibly powerful bass and graceful keyboard melodies, is thereby completed by the vivid, brilliant vocals of the former Dawn Of Destiny vocalist. Without leaving the chosen path, NEVARIA refreshingly evolved their independent sound with elements from electronic music and “Reckless”, like the album before, was mixed and mastered by André Hofmann (Nothgard, Wolfchant, New Hate Rising). Focusing on just two songwriters provides a real boost in creativity and the mix of hard guitars and refreshing, electronic vibes, enthroned by Tanja Schneider’s imposing voice, is impressively convincing. Driving synthie arpeggios, which already take on house or trance-like features, are paired here with beats and natural harsh guitar riffs, which provide the necessary hardness.


For every order before Christmas we will make a free key ring of your choice.

Just write us your favorite Nevaria song and you always have the Spotify code with you! Scan it with Spotify and your favorite song will be played immediately!

Every shipment comes with a free bandfoto with personal handwritten greetings and Nevaria stickers!

Lyric Video "Drowning"

We created our new video together with video artist Andy Pilkington from Very Metal Art! It was an exciting process and we are totally thrilled with the final result.


Single Release "Drowning"

We are very happy to send our third single "Drowning" out into the world today. Even though these are difficult times for all of us, music must not die. Here we can deal with all topics that move us: difficult and easy ones. We need music like the air to breathe.

Let us send courage into the world! The road goes on and on and with humanity and solidarity everything is possible.

The new single “Drowning” is now available at the following download stores and streaming services:

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Music Video "Finally Free"

Today we are proud to present our new music video
We are totally excited! Take a look!



First Live Pictures

Unbelievable! We are still deeply impressed by last night at Lost Souls. THANK YOU: to Tezaura and Dream Ocean who rocked the evening with us: you were awesome.

THANK YOU to Jürgen Emmert and his team from Sound & Ligth Emmert - you made every performance a highlight!

And of course a big THANK YOU to an incredible audience for so much fun together, in front of and on stage! Awesome!


Finally Free Out Now!

Finally - we are absolutely thrilled and really deeply moved: Our album will be released today!
Many thanks to all of you who made this possible with us and continue to make it possible! We are looking forward to a great journey together with all of you! You are awesome!

New Lyric Video

We are proud to present our new lyric video.

Come on board, Nevaria takes off.

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